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What Do We Do?

Maryland Geese Control is dedicated to humanely keeping geese away from your property that can cause extensive damage. 

Maryland Geese Control utilizes highly trained Border Collies to harass and control the geese without ever touching, harming or killing any goose.  Maryland Geese Control has highly trained handlers that specialize in geese behavior, control, nesting, addling and migratory behaviors, that work side by side with our dogs.

Why Choose Maryland Geese Control?

Maryland Geese Control staff are friendly and professional.  Our clients satisfaction is guaranteed and we are licensed and insured. 

We offer a free no obligation demonstration and offer the very best in quality service and pricing.

Maryland Geese Control is
​Fully Licensed and Insured

Maryland Geese Control


Maryland Geese Control



Providing a safe and environmentally friendly way to control nuisance geese

Proudly serving Maryland. DC, and Northern Virginia

Maryland Geese Control - Humanely Controlling Canada Geese and Wildlife Control

Maryland Geese Control is Fully Licensed and Insured!

We service:

  •  Golf Courses
  •  Recreational   Fields              
  •  Parks
  •  Apartment Complexes
  •  Residences
  •  Corporate Properties
  •  Municipalities (local, county,  state)
  • Cemeteries
  • Parking lots
  • And many more