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Providing a safe and environmentally friendly way to control nuisance geese

Who Are We?

Maryland Geese Control is family owned business started by Mike and Kristena Kitchen.  Using Mike's expertise as professional dog trainer of more than 19 years, Mike has trained all of our dogs to work along side of us, both in the water and on land to expertly harrass the geese from our client's properties.

Maryland Geese Control was founded with our love for animals and the desire to help both animals and people to live in a safe world together. We believe in strong work ethics, upholding all laws and creating an inviting environment for animals and people to approach us as we work. We strive to ensure that our attention to detail and professionalism is always ready to meet and exceed the client's expectations.  We go above and beyond for all of our clients and guarantee their satisfaction.  Maryland Geese Control was started with a love for working dogs as well as working with wildlife to resolve a conflict. 

Should you need help, let Maryland Geese Control be the one you call to solve your geese control or wildlife problems.

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Maryland Geese Control


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