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What Makes us Different

Maryland Geese Control is a locally owned company that strives for perfection in everything we do.  All of our employees are professional with their appearance and the way they conduct themselves.  The Maryland Geese Control vehicles are clearly marked so that we are easily identifiable. We are very approachable and are happy to answer questions about the process and concerns the client, guests, and patrons may have.  This business is not just about removing geese but educating people about the safety and or health concerns that come with geese and how to prevent flocks from damaging property. Our dogs are safe, happy and very approachable.  We also use a vest when appropriate so that our dogs can be easily identified as part of our team!

We welcome any and all questions.  Please  feel free to request a free-no obligation demonstration and consultation. To do so, please either call, email or fill out the contact page.

Maryland Geese Control is
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Maryland Geese Control

How it works!


Providing a safe and environmentally friendly way to control nuisance geese

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Our Border Collies are trained to herd geese, ducks, and turkeys and take direction from the handler.  The handler and dog work as a team to rid the property of unwanted geese on land or in water.  They use their presence much like a wolf, coyote, or fox would do when stalking their prey.  This makes the geese feel unsafe and they move on.  We are successful using multiple repetitions per day for 6-8 weeks.  The geese will not nest or feed in a place they feel is unsafe so they will find a safe place to go. 

Our dogs will not harm the geese including goslings (baby geese) and are extremely social with children and other animals.  This service is to provide control  for migratory and resident geese populations in a humane way that is approved by the Humane Society of the United States, Fish and Wildlife services, the USDA and Peta.  We will register with the fish and wildlife to gain a permit for egg addling.